Thursday, January 19, 2012

English Don in Indy

Yesterday I got a chance to visit English Don's new shop here in Indianapolis, Intensity Cycles.

I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't snap any pictures. However, I found him to be a very charming English gentleman and the experience was a pleasure. Don took some time to show me the Babylon Taxi II under construction and expand on some of his future plans.

His shop is just one exit down the freeway from me. I look forward to hanging out with him in the future.

Funny enough, I have been friends with Chris Pfouts for years.

He was my editor when I was freelancing for International Tattoo Art. He roomed with Indian Larry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during his tenure at Bayonet Brothers, a partnership with English Don.

Larry actually built the motor for Chris's dual Linkert '46 Indian Chief chopper around the same time. I mentioned it to Don and course he remembered the bike, right down to the unorthodox handlebars.

I feel privileged to know both guys and have them close by, neat stuff.

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