Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh, hi...

The summer is winding down and I am back from blog hiatus. What's new with me you ask? Well, let me tell you friend-o, it has been a good few months. I have been writing, snapping pics, went to Born Free 4, moved my gal back from Colorado, riding my moto and spending time with my kiddoes. I have a couple new pieces on deck for various mags and recently working on a new music project. Also, I am studying to knock out some pre-reqs to go back to school this fall. I got a trick or two up my sleeve too. I always seem to have many irons in the fire so I guess I like it that way. I think I am sorta gonna stay in semi-hiatus blogging mode. There are a lot of amazing blogs out there like Church Of Choppers, Death Science, Bike EXIF and The Selvedge Yard. Greasy Kulture, DicE and Show Class continue to kill it in the world of independent bike mags. So, what chance do I stand of offering something germane, exciting and original? All I can offer is personal anecdotes and observations. But generally anything I am into has already been covered by more dedicated, knowledgeable and hipper (younger)
folks. More power to them, but I need to get back to my first love; music. So, in no random order here are some memories of summer 2012 so far...

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