Friday, October 19, 2012, wait.

I came across this '77 Chevy van on CL. The price is right and it's exactly the model, size and era I am looking for in a classic hauler. It has a 350 SBC and a Turbo 350 tranny, stainless steel exhaust with Cherry Bombs, new tires, Class 3 hitch, chrome wheels, a new stereo with iPod jack, 2 captains chairs with a platform bed in back, runs like a top and sounds perfect. It's not without quirks and blemishes, but they are comparitively few. What's better is the old cat that owns it is willing to trade for my budget built Ironhead (+/- $800 invested) plus a little cash. I will come out ahead in the deal by a longshot. The only issue came up yesterday when I went over to make the swap. We shook on the deal and the owner went to check the title. Last spring I paid $125 to a mechanic's lien service to get a clean Indiana HD title. But when he compared the numbers on the bike to the title it was off BY ONE NUMBER! The state goofed up and issued me some bunk paper. I was crestfallen, though its my own fault for not checking my "clean" title. Last night I got a new police affadavit. The owner of the van is being super cool about it and still wants my bike. But I will be spending today tussling with some state employees over their clerical error. It's alot of fun, isn't it? UPDATE: I went to the Indiana BMV this afternoon. They are going to give me a replacement title with the correct VIN. I talked to the seller and we made a deal for him to hold the van. I should have the title in hand by Wednesday. Looks like I'll be rolling next week!

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