Saturday, October 27, 2012

New rides in fall colors

I completed the trade of my 1980 Ironhead for a 1977 Chevy van the other day. I was sad to see her go after all of the work I put in. But that's life. We build up what we have until we can get to the next step. I have been wanting a van for a while and now I've got one. Though I wont be bikeless. My neighbor is a hoarder of vintage Japanese bikes and set me up with a very cheap, and mostly original, 1974 cb750 sans title and in need of some work. It's a little step back true, but come spring it will be something I can tool around on and will make me some money when I decide to sell it. Im still gathering parts for my Evo Sporty build. Confidentially, it is not as good a deal as I thought previously. The numbers on the case are missing. The stamping numbers next to the oil pump reveal that is an 883 made on March, 15 1990. Despite the pulley in lieu of a sprocket that would make it a four speed. Apparently the belt drive conversion was a popular "upgrade" in early 90s. Bah! Honestly, once I work up to a reliable big twin chop I will be done with building and trading...I promise.

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