Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lining up the winter project(s)

Yeah, I know I should pick just one and not get too overly ambitious. I openly acknowledge that I am a daydreamer and given to flights of fancy. At any rate, I have 3 different projects in mind. First on the list would be hardtailing my Ironhead. But which hardtail to use? David Bird? This a really nice bolt on, well engineered and high quality. It would require the minimum of fabrication and at around $300 the price is right. I'm less than stoked on the drop off that bends down the line of the backbone. But I haven't seen any pics that I "love". I'd probably go with 6" stretch, 2" drop. Led Sled? I like the lines way better, but it's almost 2x the David Bird hardtail, requires some exact cutting, needs to be welded and will still need an oil tank, different brake caliper, battery box and relocating/hiding the ignition components. It's a better result, but more expensive. I also think it might be cool to extend the swingarm, add extended forks, 2-into-1 exhaust, etc. That way I wouldnt have to mess with any of the stock oil system, ignition, etc. I really like Okun's swingarm shovel, a lot... Second on my list would be building a bike around my SB&F The Frame and my cheapo Evo Sporty mill. But jeez, that is a A LOT of fabrication and I am no fabricator. The old guy who sold me the motor isn't returning my calls as of yet. So, I maybe I should just sell all of it to someone who knows what they are doing and pour my time/ money into something more attainable? Lastly, I have been dreaming about getting a van for the last year and a half. I finally have some extra cash and found what I am looking for. Its a little rough, but the price is very right. It could be exactly what I want and worthy of my attention...
So, here I am, a dreamer with a couple different dreams itching to get into something new for the winter. Which road to take?

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  1. Day dreamer? Flights of fancy? You? No! Bikes are smaller than vans. I also know a guy who laser cuts various custom brackets and welds really well, just sayin'.


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