Sunday, February 13, 2011

Moving Ahead

Ce la vie...

Good things happen, they last for a while and then they change. Its all part of God's plan and we have to accept the twists and turns as they come at us. Tonight I read back over my blog all the way to the very beginning. I did the same with my email going back 4 years. It is amazing how dreams I had years ago came true, and continue to come into being, or even disappoint. The key is to never quit: keep a positive mental attitude and keep dreaming the big dreams. Things turn out as they are meant to.

Good things and realizations are on the horizon. An unexpected windfall will give me an opportunity to make some long pined for life changes. I can afford to go back to school and pursue a more satisfying career. A bike more in line with my dream ride has fallen into my lap. Opportunities for new outlets to express myself are beginning to materialize. The vision I have of myself in my minds eye continues to come to fruiton.

But still, my wistful nature has me looking back at the things, places and people that are part of my past. I can't leave them behind because I will always carry them in my heart, even when I want, and need, them by my side. I realize that is the fear of the unknown and the comfort of the past talking. I can't be afraid. Who knows where the ride will take us. The roads merge, cross and part. When we stop moving the ride is over, and I am not ready for that. Never question the wisdom of fate, enjoy the ride and keep running down the road ahead without fear. It will all be fine.

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