Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am thinking...

I have been kicking around some different ideas on which way to take my Ironhead build: skinny lane spliter, digger, Brat-style...then I came across this today:

My homie Guy posted something recently about going back to the source. By "The Source" he is referring of course to Danny Lyon's work, especially his amazing and inspirational book of photos and essays, The Bikeriders.

Timeless picture, it could have been taken yesterday as easily as 45 years ago. I think it says something profound about building and riding a mild custom. Not everyone has the tools, or the time, or the skill to build a radical custom chopper. But the cats in the Gary Rogues and The Outlaws knew how transform a stock bike just by adding a few personal touches and subtley altering the stance. As one of my buddys said the other night, traditional never goes out of style.

With that in mind, and the above picture as inspiration, I have my eye on a few choice parts:

Best of all I should be able to trade or sell off most of the crap that came with the bike that I dont want! This will be the best one yet!!!

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