Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you Texas!

I decided to nose around for a cheaper 21" front tyre. I like the ribbed look of an Avon Speedmaster, but the price...not so much. I found a new one for $75 but the shipping cost pushed it close to breaking my budget of 2 tires for around $100. OUCH!

I looked and looked for a budget priced, or any available Cheng Shin SM knockoff, to no avail. They are no longer manufactured and all dead stock seems to have dried up completely.

The stock HD Sportster tyres, Dunlop 402s, are not too salty. But man are they ugly! They further my argument that sportbike style rubbers have no place on a chopper.

So, after perusing some old mainstream chopper mags for inspiration to eBay I went...and I was not disappointed.

I found a new 21" Continental TK22 for a Buy It Now of $60. It has the ribbed look of an Avon, but with a slightly different tread pattern and side fluting. I really dig that it looks trad chopper but different than what everyone else is doing. This is gonna look great out front on my BSA with the alloy wheel/Sporty forks mentioned below. Best of all, NXS Powersports in Arlington, TX (ebay seller ID nxspowersports) cut me a break on shipping. I might actually stay on budget!

Thank you Texas!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You're Wild

Damn, this is really great

The Aussies really cranked out some GREAT 60s garage psych!

Random thoughts about starting over

This year I got a pretty decent income tax refund. Since I am also turning 40 I decided to treat myself. This week I have been buying all the parts I need for both my Honda CB750 cafe conversion and to finish my BSA chopper. Some are vintage, some are new and I've looked for bargains wherever I could find them.

Just a quick rundown:

For the Honda,

A 78 CB750F seat that will be shortened and reupholstered

Shiny stuff from good ole' JC Whitney

New black cafe bars, grips and bar end mirrors

Im also angling to buy a Shinko knockff of a Dunlop T110

For the BSA,

A Honda 175 dirtbike 21" alloy wheel with drum brake to go nicely with the $75 Sporty forks I snagged last fall

Some odd carb parts

Im looking for a decent price on an Avon Speedmaster 21/3.00 or Cheng Shin knockoff. Though the horror stories on The JJ (and the $25 higher price)have me leaning toward the Avon.

Here's the kicker, since my divorce a lot of my tools have disappeared or been sold off for quick cash through the lean times. I'm hoping my birthday brings a cheap MC lift, air compressor, body grinder or welding bench with a vise. Ive still got my wrenches, welder and band saw. But my shop will be pretty bare bones for a while.

I'd like to bang out the stuff on the Honda quickly. It's mostly parts swapping on a running bike. So, I will have something to ride come springtime.

I decided to strip the BSA down to the frame, have it sandblasted, and do it right from the ground up. I think I'll be happier with the end result rather than riding a half assed, cobbled together death trap.

Ive been too broke to complete my projects for quite some time. It's nice to finally catch a break.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You might as well give it up kid...

Monday, February 15, 2010

500 World Of Wheels 2010

Growing up in Indiana The Annual 500 World Of Wheels seemed like the most glamorous car show ever. But as a grown up photographer a 70 year old WPA horsebarn isnt the ideal spot for getting pics of glittering chrome and flashy paint. That said, the fine folks at Autorama were kind enough to have me as a guest. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of this years show.

Funky Indian Trike
Sporty chop
Survivor low-boy, dig those pipes and slicks!
Shoe's COE Econoline hauler
Shoe's "Crossing The Ohio" Pan project
Great lettering for a rolling business card
Canted quads on a 53 F-1
Gene Winfield hammer welding demo
Tom Culbertson's long roof
Rare Olds ute
I will always have a weakness for Mopars
Slingshot dragsters, gotta love a blown hemi!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg

Possibly the most sadly romantic movie ever made.

When Photobucket recovers from whatever it is going through I'll post some pics of the World Of Wheels from Saturday afternoon.

If you haven't yet, you really ought to...

see Sherlock Holmes. Guy Ritchie returns to classic form with his best movie yet and my favorite of 2009. Robert Downey, jr. is having a hell of a comeback, with Jude Law as his foil they are the best buddy team since Redford and Newman.

It's criminal that this movie was not nominated for an Oscar other than Best Art Direction. But then the Academy probably has some grudge against Guy relating to Madonna. Who cares, it's a GREAT flick. Check it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This place sucks

I really miss having a heated garage. Holy Jesus, I can not wait to move.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fuck you old man!

Though I do enjoy gloating about my flea market and swapmeet scores occasionally I get shut down. Case in point, today I tried to buy an original Arthur Smith AF40 at a local flea market stall.

The silver trim, lining and chin straps were in good condition. But it was plain white and a size small. When I say small I mean tiny, like a 6 3/8 size for a child. My plan was to use it for barter or to sell at the next swap. It was marked $30.

I asked the codger in the stall if he'd take $10.

He replied, "It's $30, plus tax".

I asked if he'd take $20.

He replied, "It's $30, plus tax and I dont take checks".

I then asked if he would go down on his price at all.

He replied, "It's $30, plus tax. If you dont want it, dont buy it. It's a nice helmet and it's worth $30" as he took back the helmet from my hands.

I was in a mild state of shock. I've never had a flea marketeer refuse to barter on price. Moreover, I paid only $15 for an original 70s sparkle helmet and $5 for my AF50! I wanted it, but not for $30. That old fucker was the worst type of low end retailers, an obsessive hoarder who is more worried about parting with his swag than making a sale. Hey gramps, it's only worth something if you can sell it, go fuck yourself. I walked out disgusted, but with my wallet still riding low in the water.

You gotta know when to hold'em and know when to walk away...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All hail the new dawn part 2

Lying in bed last night, just on the edge of slumber, I explained to Sarah the evolution of cafe racers. She asked what the term meant and how they got that name. So, I told her and she complimented me on my wealth of knowledge.

Sometimes when we are riding in my truck she asks about songs and tells me she likes my taste in music.

We talk about the our future together, things we want to do and mistakes we dont want to repeat. She is a dream come true.


I am totally smitten.

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