Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you Texas!

I decided to nose around for a cheaper 21" front tyre. I like the ribbed look of an Avon Speedmaster, but the price...not so much. I found a new one for $75 but the shipping cost pushed it close to breaking my budget of 2 tires for around $100. OUCH!

I looked and looked for a budget priced, or any available Cheng Shin SM knockoff, to no avail. They are no longer manufactured and all dead stock seems to have dried up completely.

The stock HD Sportster tyres, Dunlop 402s, are not too salty. But man are they ugly! They further my argument that sportbike style rubbers have no place on a chopper.

So, after perusing some old mainstream chopper mags for inspiration to eBay I went...and I was not disappointed.

I found a new 21" Continental TK22 for a Buy It Now of $60. It has the ribbed look of an Avon, but with a slightly different tread pattern and side fluting. I really dig that it looks trad chopper but different than what everyone else is doing. This is gonna look great out front on my BSA with the alloy wheel/Sporty forks mentioned below. Best of all, NXS Powersports in Arlington, TX (ebay seller ID nxspowersports) cut me a break on shipping. I might actually stay on budget!

Thank you Texas!!!

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