Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fuck you old man!

Though I do enjoy gloating about my flea market and swapmeet scores occasionally I get shut down. Case in point, today I tried to buy an original Arthur Smith AF40 at a local flea market stall.

The silver trim, lining and chin straps were in good condition. But it was plain white and a size small. When I say small I mean tiny, like a 6 3/8 size for a child. My plan was to use it for barter or to sell at the next swap. It was marked $30.

I asked the codger in the stall if he'd take $10.

He replied, "It's $30, plus tax".

I asked if he'd take $20.

He replied, "It's $30, plus tax and I dont take checks".

I then asked if he would go down on his price at all.

He replied, "It's $30, plus tax. If you dont want it, dont buy it. It's a nice helmet and it's worth $30" as he took back the helmet from my hands.

I was in a mild state of shock. I've never had a flea marketeer refuse to barter on price. Moreover, I paid only $15 for an original 70s sparkle helmet and $5 for my AF50! I wanted it, but not for $30. That old fucker was the worst type of low end retailers, an obsessive hoarder who is more worried about parting with his swag than making a sale. Hey gramps, it's only worth something if you can sell it, go fuck yourself. I walked out disgusted, but with my wallet still riding low in the water.

You gotta know when to hold'em and know when to walk away...


  1. "Hey gramps, it's only worth something if you can sell it, go fuck yourself."
    if I was there this would have been said aloud to that to gramps...hahaha

  2. I'm a funny fucker, what can I say?


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