Friday, May 18, 2012

Good Week

I'm not cool at all. I was never a very good skater. I am a horrible mechanic and even worse fabricator. I can sort of paint and sew/upholster in my own primative, ghetto way. I can assemble stuff and stylize. I am a pretty good singer of sad country songs (but I cant play guitar for shit) though that has been, up until the last 7-8 years, what I was best at. I am also really good at writing about people, their lives and their bikes, cars, shops, etc. I get to be in some cool magazines from time to time and if I have any street cred it comes from my writing/photography. I wish I could do more and even make it a full time job. But I get to meet good folks and even befriend some of them which is the greatest reward. What is cool for me is when the friends I have made in the motorcycle/chopper/hot rod world show me brotherhood and help me out on my projects or just want to hang out because we dig the same stuff. What is also really cool are my kids, family and girlfriend. The Bike world is my extended family in a way, a support network not only for my projects but also my creative endeavors. So, for that I am super-duper thankful. All that said, I am stoked about the new movie from Wild Honey Productions and DicE Magazine, 6Over. I've hung out with Matt a few times and he is always cordial and engaging. Dean I have met but don't know as well. I really think that this movie will be a touchstone, a document of our "scene" or whatever we are doing. I'm not in it or anything, but I am really proud of those cats for getting it done and out there. Here is the trailer: Here is the news from Matt: "Hello everyone, so we are launching the movie at Born Free. The first batch will come in a special limited edition tin case with 20 page booklet. You will be able to buy it at the show for $29.00. It's going to be about 1 hour and 20 minutes long. One week after Born Free the DVD will be available to purchase online. We are still burning the midnight oil to get it finished but finished it will be. Yikes! See the new trailer and two 6over teasers here at Wild Honey Productions". Now I gotta go work on my bike. Have a great weekend, I know I will.

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