Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The real fun begins Saturday

My bikes, parts and tools have been spread out over 3 counties for the last few months. Last week I finally got everything into my garage. I should have the seat for the CB750 back from the unpholsterer by the weekend. I'm going to see The Greenhornes on Thursday night, then to a benefit for the widow of my former band manager Friday night in Louisville. With the extended celebration of my birthday last week I haven't had much time to tear into my projects. But that is all gonna change starting this Saturday. I have a little bit of carburetor fine tuning to do on the Honda to make it a streetable bike.

Then I am gonna tear into the Sporty.

Stance is everything when it comes to styling a bike. The image I have in my mind is an amalgamation of the HA picture a few posts back and these two bikes:

By giving myself a strict deadline of Memorial Day Weekend I will have to forego hardtailing the frame for now. But I will be cutting 2-3 inches out of the forks. With the progressive shocks and a 16" wheel shod in a Speedgrip it should make for a nicely slammed swingarm bike.

I am starting school in October so this will be my last project for a while, and it will be a good one. I Can't wait to finish and ride with my bros this summer.


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