Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm back

"The best layed plans of mice and men...", no truer words were ever spoken.

I have a bad habit of putting too many irons in the fire. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much. At the end of March I quit my job and took the time before stating my new job to work on the our new house. Everything took twice as long as anticipated. My last employer took forever to get my severence pay to me. So my bills got behind. Then there was the move and unpack phase that is just now ending.

At any rate, my internet is fully functioning after fighting technical gremlins for a couple weeks. The garage is mostly unpacked and set up with my bikes resting comfortably in their new home. There is even room for my 50s Gibson beer fridge and tiki furniture too.

The house looks great and we are all very comfortable here. It feels like a home. I love it.

So, now it's on to getting caught up on non-house related projects. #1 on my list is getting the Honda back on the road in cafe racer livery in time for The Rockers Reunion. Stay tuned.

p.s. It sure would be nice to have my Fulmer helmet back (hint, hint Nate).

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