Sunday, February 22, 2009

A note from your humble correspondent

The mysterious technical fuckup from last month which rendered my blog completely black for a couple weeks had an unintended benefit. I started a second blog I call "Unfocused", The title was intended to have a 2 fold meaning; a showcase for my photography and writing as well as a running commentary on my other aimless pursuits.

Now I find myself with 2 different blogs covering pretty much the same thing. So, rather than get rid of one or the other I will re-focus each.

Tip-top Of The World will follow the original mission as a supplement to my pieces in Greasy Kulture Magazine covering choppers, hotrods, biker culture and related historical topics.

Unfocused will concentrate on everything else that consumes my free time: records, guitars, music, modern architecture and furniture, junk store shopping, my kids family and friends, local history, gastronomic adventures and the occasional politcal rant.

I hope you enjoy my posts, please comment and share your thoughts. Afterall, that's what these blogs are all about.

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