Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Space In Between and Dreams of Silver Lake

I'm not sure if it's sleep apnea or constantly being overtired all of the time, but I don't dream much. Every once in a while I will have a lucid dream that seems so real that it haunts me across the years. I sort of halfway believe in ESP. I have predicted things to come true. My daughter does the same thing, so maybe our family has a penchant for such things. I truly believe that dreams are a private conversation between the heart and the brain. Mostly it is the heart saying, "Hey Brain, this is what he really wants to happen. You're the smart one, get busy figuring out a way to make it so". One dream I had a few years ago keeps coming back to me again and again. And yes, it is a scenario that I would like to see come true. So, here it goes. I had a dream that I was in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California. The reason I came to that particular neighborhood was work related. I got a chance to do some screen writing through a chance encounter. It was one of those "show us what you can do kid" deals. As such I didn't have a lot of money for a hotel and it was an open ended commitment. I might be there a week, months or longer. I called on friends and acquaintances for available couch space in the greater North LA area. One friend who came through was Matt Davis from DicE Magazine. I got into town early Sunday afternoon. Matt was busy with some previous plans, he gave me the keys to his apartment and said something to the effect of, "If you are hungry there is a great brunch downstairs next door". Downstairs from his place I found a trendy but welcoming restaurant. The bill of fare advertised an all you eat gourmet buffet with seafood, eggs, crepes and biscuits & gravy as well as unlimited Mimosas and Miller High Lifes for $50. Sold. I sat at the bar, ate my fill and downed several drinks. Full, slightly buzzed and tired from my journey I went back to Matt's apartment to rest. I opened the door to his building to find that it opened up to a courtyard with a large half pipe. Some guys were skating, I stood and watched for a few minutes then found the door to the apartment. I went inside and collapsed on the sofa. I nodded off thinking, "I could get used to living here". End of dream. Now, I don't know Matt well. But we are acquainted through mutual friends in the magazine world and occasionally exchange emails or chat at events. When I had this dream it was either right before or after my trip to Born Free 3. This was before TriCo opened and Matt was still living in Glendale. I'm not exactly sure where he is living now, but I think I saw that he mentioned it's Silver Lake or somewhere near there. It's funny how in the last 3 years things have come together in ways I could not have predicted or had any idea about. I have been doing some existential soul searching lately about where my life is and feeling the yen get a fresh start in a new locale. I posted a picture on Instagram and mentioned the dream with Matt in the comments. His reply was priceless, "Life is for living bruv". So yeah, let's do that, There's the dream...what my heart wants. Now I just need to figure out how to make it happen, to fill that space between now and realizing my dream. Wish me luck.

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