Sunday, April 1, 2012


Coming back from my hometown today I took one of my favorite bike riding routes, 8th Street Road between Anderson and Noblesville, In. It is an old Indian trail that follows the bank of White River full of gentle, long bends, shallow hills and valleys and a few blind turns.

As I was going into one of those blind turns I came upon 3 guys on bikes (2 crotch rockets and a stripped down Virago) when that 'Oh shit' feeling came over me. I stopped and noticed that one cat was picking grass out of his tail pipe. His sweatshirt was tattered and bloody with his shoulder looking not-quite-right. I looked down and saw his scrapped up helmet with a busted face shield. As near as I could figure he went into the turn too fast and did a low-side taking a massive shot to the dome. I tried to be of assitance but it was obvious that he was badly concussed. It could have been a lot worse. His friend had the situation well in hand with help was on the way, so I left them there. As I pulled out a guy on a Bonneville flew through the turn...

Indiana is a no helmet law state. Regardless of that I always wear a helmet, usually my vintage, DOT approved, full face AF50. I also always wear jeans, boots, gloves and long sleeves. My outfit is usually selvedge Levi's, Red Wing type work boots or hi-top Vans, and a vintage leather racing style jacket or work shirt depending on the weather. I have 2 kids who depend on me as well as lots of people who love me. I don't want to look like one of those dorky Power Rangers dudes, but I want to be safe.

Please, if you are reading this...just wear a helmet. DOT approved helmets from JC Whitney are $25 for open face and $40 for full face, so there is really no excuse.

Fatal impacts by percentage

There is just too much that could go wrong and I hate to hear about someone passing away from a preventable tragedy.

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