Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Lid

In a previous post I showed you how to reline a vintage helmet using my $5 swap meet find Arthur Fulmer AF50 helmet. Nate Spainhower offered me a gratis custom paint job. He asked me what I wanted. I replied, "Oh, you know some kind of pop/psyche deal, but nothing too gay either". All I can say is that I was in no way prepared for the groovy results. WOW.
There is a lot of detail that pictures dont do justice, like the mid coat rainbow sparkle applied over the black. I ran into an Icon (crotch rocket inspired clothing line) rep at the biker night down the street. She said, "Come see me when you want a real helmet". HA! Don't mind if I don't. My new lid RULES!


  1. Nate bought a whole box of Biltwell lids to paint up and sell. He had some on Chop Cult a while back.


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