Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Project and old parts

I picked up a mid 90s Evo Sportster 5-speed bottom end and assorted parts at a yard sale last week for a ridiculously low amount. I also got some wheels, a fat bob tank and other bits. I am supposed to meet with the old guy who sold it to me next week. He says he has the rest of the motor, fenders and more tanks in storage. Turns out he is an auctioneer and, "Comes across this kind of stuff all the time". I suppose I have finally found a use for my SB&F frame at long last. I ordered a set of cheap 35mm trees from eBay. I got 2 19" wheels in the deal. I think I will use those front and back with dual disc forks and a Honda drum. 35 degree rake, 6" over forks, hidden fork stops, pull backs, simple pipes and hidden battery should give it a nice late 70s feel. I am chomping at the bit to see what the rest of the motor parts might be. Of course I'd like to build a monster 90 incher, but realistically I will settle with a cheapo 1200 so I dont have to split the cases. I've got my eye on some other parts too. Now I just need to find someone to weld up the frame. This should be easy, right?

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