Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and DONE.

After 14 months of working in fits and starts I finally got my Sportster done. I took it for the first ride yesterday March 19th, 2012. It was was one day after my birthday and made a nice present to myself.

I started with this;
and after selling off the Sturgis wheels, Fatbob tank, FL front fender, wide glide conversion and other crap I finished with this;
I couldn't have done it without the help of several good friends; Dangerous Dan Von Berg found it for me and provided guidance when I got stuck, Eric Schroeder came up with parts, shared schematics and busted my balls, Jason Hart chopped the rear fender, Dave Herr made the sissy bar, Kimberly McGeary contributed the Free Tomorrow belt buckle that serves as my points cover and Dave Shoemaker sewed up the sublime 70s Cobra style seat cover
Other bros provided encouragement, trouble shooting, bull shitting and split gas money for parts hunting excursions; Nate Spainhower, Kevin Price, New York Bobby Rothenberger, Randy Dugger, Wesley Wren, Ichiro Emasu, Kyle Mulligan and Guy Bolton.
I also used the parts and services of several talented cats; Craig Tirey at Front Street Cycle for the stainless steel Monkee Bars, Brian Stoughton laced my wheels and mounted the tires and I got my Jackhammer grips and Slimline Risers from Biltwell. I also got little bits here and there from J&P Cycles, Chop Cult classifieds and a small fortune in stainless/chrome fasteners from Menard's.

Aside from a few legal chores all I have left to do is ride it, and with gas at $4/gal and rising I plan to use the Sporty as my primary means of transport this summer.

Future plans include shiny paint for the tins, blasting/powder coat for the frame and wheels, take 3" out of the fork tubes, new front wheel, stainless spokes, clean up the handle bar controls, extend the swing arm 2" and swap the peanut tank for a Frisco'd Mustang. I thought about hardtailing it but I will wait until the next build. This bike is meant for daily reliablity and long distance rides with my gal.

This is gonna be a great year.

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