Monday, October 17, 2011

Johnny One-Note

I don't want to do just one thing. My mind is too restless and expansive to concentrate on a single pursuit. Most experts are dreadfully boring and lack any depth outside their areas of expertise. For instance, an amazing chicken picker I saw after a show in khaki cargo shorts and boat shoes. I actually felt embarassed for him, what a sham. I think most "brooding artist" types are actually asshole douchbags with nothing to say, but with a keen enough sense for preserving their image to stay mum. I neither want to be a charlatan nor a hollow idol. I merely want to be all I can be. The last year has been an exercise in introspection and removing self imposed limitations. But can it be done, can I pursue all the things I love at the same time with equal effort and reward? Let's just see if the universe gives me the chance to be that multi-faceted diamond I already have in my mind's eye.

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